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Monika Pietrowski

  • lake como swims

    The Allure of Lake Como

    Lake Como. What’s not to love? The blue lagoon in front of you every which way you turn, the mountainous Alps in the distance, the laid-back nature of the Italianos…bellissima.  You…

  • Wellness

    The Evening Routine to Help You Sleep

    We all know a good sleep is crucial to a productive day. Without it, creativity drops, focus disappears and your energy just sucks. So whatever you do in the evening is…

  • Bordeaux

    Bordeaux. It puts the France in Romance

    So. Bordeaux. Where do I begin? This romantic city captured our hearts. Completely.  Full of that je ne sais quoi, the city of art and history has old world meets new…

  • the tricks to travelling as a couple

    The Tricks to Travelling As a Couple

    You know, if you haven’t travelled with your partner, you probably don’t know them as well as you think you do. Simon and I weren’t together for very long before deciding…

  • wellness hacks

    8 Wellness Hacks you Can Do Anywhere

    There are literally a million ways to wellness! And what better way than with all natural methods.  These are my favourite wellness hacks which can be done anywhere, anytime, with minimal…

  • meditation and mindfulness

    Meditation Made Easy: The 411 on Mindfulness

    I know a lot of people find meditation quite overwhelming. The idea of sitting still, quietly, with only your thoughts can be quite daunting.  I’ve been meditating, every morning for six…