Begur: The Hidden Beauty of Costa Brava

Begur Lookout mymonpie

The beauty of living in Europe is the ability to whisk yourself anywhere in Europe within a few hours. And the best part is, you can bring all of your friends with you. We recently celebrated a friends birthday in Begur, Spain. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, neither had we. But man, oh man, are we glad we RSVPd to this epic celebration. 

Just two hours north of Barcelona, this colourful coastal town exudes maximum chill. Narrow Moorish streets full of tapas bars, gelato shops and old quaint churches form a maze of golden stone. A crumbling medieval castle overlooks the small city and the coast line, making for an extremely picturesque setting (ie: perfect for Insta).

It’s a popular holiday destination for the Spaniards, so you know when the locals love it, it’s sure to be a gem. And it really is. A little, hidden gem.

Anyhoo, I’m going to let the pics do most of the talking in this post, but I will reel off a few bits and bobs that made Begur ah-mazing! 

The streets of Begur Spain


Hotel Cluc

There’s no shortage of super cute boutique hotels in Begur old town. And ours was straight out of a Spanish period drama.

Hotel Cluc was perfect. Run by husband and wife, Santi and Ellena make every guest feel at home and go out of their way to help you.

Views of the castle beamed into our room along with the morning sun and the smell of a deliciously authentic Spanish breakfast. This consisted of homemade breads, pastries, Jamon (yeah she spends 5 days in Spain and doesn’t call it ham anymore – eye roll, eye roll), manchego cheese and the like.

Basically, it’s friggin tasty. Just not ideal if you’re heading to a pool party and get down to Despacito all day long. 

Hotel Cluc Begur


What happens when you accidentally miss the the memo to stay in an incredible Airbnb with the rest of the party crew and book a hotel instead? Regret. And FOMO. We loved our stay at Hotel Cluc, but some of the houses available on Airbnb in Begur are just To.Die.For. 

 Don’t let the same happen to you – use this link to get a travel credit for your first Airbnb stay! Just make sure to coordinate with your friends! 

Airbnb house


Begur Beach

Boats & Hoes

On day 2, our party of 30 got a bit nautical and enjoyed a day on the boats. If the idea of island hopping, snorkelling and swimming in pristine waters is your thang, holler at the guys of Begur Boats and they will sort you out with killer boats, killer tunes (Spanish pop per favor) and make you feel like you’re starring in one of Diddy’s music clips (probably circa 1996).

It’s non-stop fun in the sun from 10 am to 6 pm. Oh and if your captain accidentally gets his anchor stuck between some big rocks under the sea, you might even get in a few hours extra. True story. We had no Wilson but we managed to fill our time jusssst fine being shipwrecked. Beer and Spanish pop may have helped.

Boat Party in Begur

Sunsets & Cocktails

For some evening fun, El Jardi de Can Marc is more an experience than a bar. Set on a cliff overlooking the village of Begur, the stunning outdoor venue is perfect for functions and events, making it an ideal setting for the last night of the festivities. The cocktails and cava go down very easily and the relaxed atmosphere, coupled with breathtaking views that stretch all the way from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean, make it a bar to remember.

Begur Party Crew



If like me, you’re a tapas lover, you’ll have no beef with Begur. I’m talking all-day-erry-day tapas. On every corner, in every plaza, on every menu, you can find a delicious selection of authentic tapas. Pair that with a full-bodied Tempranillo and you’re all set. 


Honestly, it had been a while between Paellas for me. A few bad run in’s in Barcelona on my post uni-trip saw me declare I would never have it again. There’s a possibility the countless sangrias and a bit too much hashish could have done it but I hadn’t touched a paella since.

However, one night, during the birthday festivities, my stance on paella changed. Ca l’Adela, in Sa Tuna, really rocked the house with their superbly traditional dish. Considering they were catering for the whole party, they managed to maintain the quality and taste, delivering 4 or 5 giant paella dishes to the house, where 30 very hungry, just-got-off-a-traumatic-shipwreck were waiting.

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