How to Get your Scouse on in Liverpool


As England’s 5th largest city, Liverpool is not shy of an atmosphere. Head into town on any given day and you’ll be greeted by people, young and old all rocking one of the coolest accents going round.

You can knock it off in a weekend, but expect that weekend to be chock-a-block and action packed, so eat your beans! Here are my favourite tips to getting your Scouse on…

Liverpool City

Get an Ale at a Pub

As with any other city in England, there’s no shortage of quaint pubs in Liverpool. As long as you support the boys in red and white that is. Only joking, Whether you’re a Liverpool FC fan or not, the pubs welcome you with open arms and a decent menu that can only be matched by the vast range of ales they’re pouring. I’m not normally a beer kinda gal, but the no-fizz component of cask ales make them much easier to down.

The Monro Pub on Duke Street is where it’s at. Voted the best Gastropub in the city this year, plus their beer garden out the back is just delightful!

The Monro Pub Liverpool

The Beatles Story

Ok, here it is straight up. Love me a museum I do, but tbh after about 45 mins, I’m day dreaming of lunch and whether I feel like a rose or a glass of bubbles (it’s usually rose fyi). This, however, is certainly an exception.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a massive Beatles fan but The Beatles Story kept me enthralled the entire time. From their humble beginnings as The Quarrymen to their Magical Mystery Tour, the museum is entertaining and intriguing throughout with videos, stats and sound bites that make you feel like you really knew the lads.

I mean, did you know the Paul sued the others when they broke up? And that George spent much of his youth in the hospital? Orrrr that Paul and original drummer Pete were arrested and deported from Germany after they set fire to a condom in a concrete corridor. Ahh, the classic blow up the condom manoeuvre.

Anyway, there you have it – you probably don’t need to check it out anymore. Only joking, still go – it’s totally worth it.

Beatles Story Liverpool

The Cavern Club

If you didn’t get your dose of John, Paul, George and Ringo at The Beatles Story, the Cavern Club will surely make up for that. It’s where the fellas made a name for themselves and gig there on the reg (292 times to be exact). It’s quite the establishment in Liverpool, having cemented itself as the cradle of British pop music. In fact, more than 1,800 groups and solo artists have stood on the legendary stage.

cavern club liverpool

Plus 60 years on and it’s still well and truly got it! A funky little underground bar, it’s not big at all, but full of energy. The famous stage, with its infamous colourful wall signed by all the big names…The Stones, Queen, The Kinks, Elton John and I think even our very own Daryl Braithwaite played a gig there. Onya Dazza!

Cavern Club Liverpool

Talk to a Scouse

Well, I already established how friggin cool the Scouse accent is but seriously, we were walking around town almost ghosting the locals just to get an earful of their loveable accents.

Then we realised Liverpudlians are so friendly and ‘well up’ for a chat we dropped the stalker routine and just engaged them in conversation. Scousers are proud people, but they’re always willing to share a story, a laugh or just a good old chin-wag about the state of the nation (dire times is the general consensus).

Oh and if you’re wondering where the term Scouse came from – it’s a type of pie. Lamb stew, with mushy peas and mash and bloody delicious. Or bluddy delishus, even.

Royal Liver Building

Although much of Liverpool’s architecture stems from the industrial revolution (ie; red and brown brick homes and buildings), there is one magnificent piece of architecture that stands apart. The Royal Liver Building. Second only to The Beatles as the pride of the city, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a grand piece of concrete on the river bank, looking over the city with its two Liver Birds. The mythical creatures face in opposite directions and legend has it, one looks at the city to protect it, whilst the other looks towards the sea towards the new sailors arriving at the port.

However, if you speak to a local the story goes more like this…”the female bird looks towards the sea waiting for the sailors to come through, meanwhile the fella Liver bird waits for the birds (women) in town and every time a virgin walks past they flap their wings

Cheeky, innit.

Royal Liver Building

Lark Lane

Away from the hustle and bustle of lively Liverpool (well, only about 10 minutes by Uber), is Lark Lane. A super cute street filled with cosy cafes, houses, shops and of course…pubs! Although it’s in one of the countries largest cities, it feels like you’re in a remote little village here. Pop in for some afternoon tea, an afternoon pint or just stroll along the leafy green sidewalks taking in the Liverpudlian way of life. Luvely. Just luvely. 

lark lane

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