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The Best Beauty Secrets from Women who Travel the World

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One of my favourite parts of being a nomad is meeting the most wonderful people and experiencing their cultures. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing women on my travels and learn about their lifestyle, their passions, their pains, their men (which sometimes are also their pains), their wellness habits and what they do to look beaut. And here’s what I can tell ya – doesn’t matter where you are in the world – we’re all trying to get that glow. And maintain it. 

So, I’ve certainly picked up a few secrets along the way but I also asked a few very well-travelled, inspiring, adventurous women for any beauty tips they’ve got when it comes to travel, or perhaps if there is anything they’ve been doing all their lives that’s common in their native countries. 

Here, they share their favourite beauty tips and tricks for a life of frequent travel! 

Gabrielle, France: Sustainable Travel and Culture Blogger 

gabrielle beauty secrets

Gabrielle: I’m a big fan of an all natural skincare regime. One thing I never travel without is coconut oil because I can use it for so many things: as a cleanser, face and body moisturiser, make up remover, oil pulling. And you can find it anywhere and almost make anything you need from it – deodorant, toothpaste, conditioner. You name it. 

The other staples in my travel bag are Essential Oils. Lavender oil is great for travelling, it acts as a mosquito repellant, a sleep aid, helps with motion sickness and nausea (great for long journeys), muscle pain relief and even aids digestion. Plus you can use it pure (undiluted) and you can use it in sunlight – which isn’t always the case for oils. 

The other oil I love is Tea Tree. This is the best natural disinfectant/antiseptic ever. It’s great for skin problems which we all know can be a result of frequent travel.

But my number one travel beauty secret is: Aloe Vera: It’s the perfect moisturiser, after-sun care, and packed with nutrients (Vitamin C, E and beta carotene) so can treat and nourish the skin anytime, anywhere. Aloe Vera always saves the day!

LinaSweden: Adventurer travelling the world by bike

Carolina Nordfors Beauty Secret mymonp

Lina: When travelling the world by bike your luggage is limited. For me, that means leaving a lot of beauty products behind and everything that cuts the line has to have multiple purposes.

I always carry Argan oil (also called Moroccan oil) when travelling. It is rich in A- and E- vitamins and contains a lot of antioxidants. Traveling in rough conditions, your skin and hair are constantly exposed to sun, wind and salt water. Every evening I use argan oil on my skin as an after-sun on exposed areas like my face. After a shower, I treat my whole body with the oil instead of using a synthetic lotion.

Argan oil is also splendid as a leave in conditioner for your hair. I distribute a few drops in wet hair after a shower instead of using conditioner. It also works as a detangling conditioner. 

For a long time, I struggled with my hair when diving or snorkelling in salt water. In the end of the day, it was like chewing gum and I had to spend an hour detangling it. But now I just put a little argan oil in my hair before a day of diving and wear it released while under water to prevent it from tangling into a dread lock. Since the oil is natural it doesn´t harm the marine life or coral reef.

Also if I run out of spread I can just dip the bread in the oil! 

Rachna, India: Curator – enTRIPreneur

rachna-ghiya-enTRIPreneur beauty secret

Rachna: I normally make sure that I wear sunscreen and drink lots of water. I prefer Jovees Sunscreen with SPF 40 or 60 depending on the city that I am visiting. It’s much better than other sunscreens which are normally sticky. I also carry a face wash (Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash).

I am not beauty obsessed and won’t mind getting tanned until I have satiated my desire to travel the world!

Natalia, Russia: Founder – WanderTrips

Natalia Beauty Secret mymonpieNataliaI’ve been using Yves Rocher forever. This is definitely my favourite brand and I’ve tried almost everything out of their range. Yves Rocher is a French brand and is easily available in Russia where I’m from.

I’m totally in love with Anti Fatigue Ice Gel from Yves Rocher. Every time I travel back home, I make sure that I bring at least three bottles of this gel because now every member of my family can’t survive without it! Not to mention, it actually cools and makes my feet feel rested after a long day of walking and sightseeing. Yves Rocher has special travel collection which has “hotel-size” small shower gels and above-mentioned stuff and it obviously helps to save space.

I’ve been living in India for almost three years now and Yves Rocher is not here so I now use The Body Shop. The Vitamin C Microdermabrasion softly cleans my face and I always feel clean and nice after using it.

Whenever I travel I always take my cosmetics. I’d rather take fewer clothes than sacrifice my face wash, tonic, hand cream and etc. 

In Russia, we have something called “banya”. It is basically a sauna. The funniest thing is when one has to spank each other with birch besom (or any other tree) or to jump out of the extremely hot sauna into the cold snow! Everyone in Russia has saunas and during that time ladies normally apply some kind of masks or facials or scrubs to cleanse pores.

Marissa, America: Travel blogger and Digital Marketing Expert

Marissa Beauty Secret mymonpie

Marissa: My biggest issue when travelling to warm destinations is how to maintain a pretty golden spray tan. Being an American girl, I am a mutt of many different nationalities (as many of us are). In my case, it’s Irish, English and Czech. I was not blessed with the type of skin that tans nicely. Instead, I burn and go back to pasty white.

I can get a spray tan before I go, but a few dips in the pool and it’s almost gone. I refuse to not enjoy myself because I don’t want to lose my tan, so I had to figure out a good way to maintain a self-tan while away. Enter my favourite travel hack: Tanning towels.

Tanning towels are perfect because they are:

  • Compact and take up barely any room in the suitcase
  •  Not liquid so there are no air travel issues to worry about 
  • Easy to rub across your skin after a shower without any messes.
  • They’re fast drying and allowing you to get dressed as normal in a few minutes. I always shower after a day in the sun before the night activities and I do this routine after my late afternoon shower. By morning, it has set in and my tan has been maintained.

There are a few different brands out there, but I use L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Towelettes because they are inexpensive and do a medium tan, which is perfect for maintaining the spray tan I already have.

Jen, America: Flight Attendant 

Jen Beauty Secret mymonp

Jen: I have a super simple 3-step beauty regimen that helps a ton, and it’s a flight attendant “secret.” Hydration – moisturizer – SPF. Drink lots of water, use a really great moisturizer, and don’t forget to use a sun protectant. On the plane, you’re closer to all the rays from the sun, even at night. So a good SPF moisturizer will help protect your skin.

When I travel, I use jojoba oil religiously. It’s great at removing any makeup and it serves as a nice, light moisture barrier. I pack a few cotton pads and a tiny vial of jojoba oil (I reuse old containers from Estee Lauder, they never leak) in my carry on. I cleanse before trying to get some rest, and when I arrive my face is supple instead of dried out. 

Madison, UK: Travel Blogger & Brand Ambassador

Maddy Beauty Secret mymonpie

Madison: I always wear waterproof mascara, it is so handy when you’re travelling, whether you’ll be getting in the water or not! It stays on all day and you don’t have to worry about smudging, run-off etc.

A friend of mine who is a diving instructor gave me the tip while we were in Costa Rica and I’ve never gone back since. When you’re travelling you already have a lot on your plate, so to know that you’re mascara is on-point is one less thing to think about! 

When you’re travelling you already have a lot on your plate, so to know that you’re mascara is on-point is one less thing to think about! 

Crystal, America: Traveling Hairdresser & Blogger 

Depending on how long of a trip you’re taking Joico Co Wash is one of my favourite travel products. It is pretty much shampoo and conditioner in one and really gets the hair CLEAN. This also helps save space and peace of mind knowing your not using thing cheap you found in the hotel bathroom! 

Crystal+Karen beauty secrets

Karen, UK: Travel Lover

I always buy coconut oil and turmeric where ever I go. Coconut oil is a must for cleansing (body and face-I don’t use soap), oil pulling twice a week (especially when you’ve lost a filling in your tooth!), hair and body oil. I also like to put it in black coffee to make it creamier.

Turmeric I use as a hot drink every morning to help fight any inflammation and give my body a boost. With turmeric, you need either black pepper or oil for your body to absorb it-so again out comes the coconut oil. When my body needs all over treat I mix turmeric with live yoghurt and put all over face and body. It’s amazing how soft the skin feels after-although it does turn things yellow (little downside).

Lastly, I have to travel with Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream. I use as a masque on flights (waking up to plump, soft skin) cuticles, lips, hands, sunburn.

 What are some of your favourite beauty tips while travelling?

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